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The Real Estate Agent

The real estate agent has an intermediary role between the purchaser and the vendor. The profession is controlled by governing laws and access to a working title is strict. The real estate agents salary is open and uncapped and depends upon the accordance of the parties concerned.

Find your property

The research for an apartment or for a villa is a very important moment in every one’s life, whatever the reason is which pushes you to purchase a property: you settle for the first time, or you’re family gets bigger, you want to change the area you’re living in, way of life, you would like to be closer to somebody or to your job, or you simply want to pamper yourselves by realizing the dream of an apartment with terrace, a villa with swimming pool, a magnificent sea view etc. You can also decide to invest in the stone(?) to invest durably, to make you a heritage, and if necessary, pass it on to your children. Rented at first, this property will be of use maybe to one of your close relations or will constitute your own pension. Finally, you can wish to acquire a property as a holiday home in the area, to take advantage of the wonderful local climate and the natural assets of Côte d'Azur.

In all these motivations corresponds a desire, and the job of a real estate agent is to help you to satisfy this desire, by helping you in your research, by guiding you from a fiscal and financial point of view, by introducing you to the best professionals of the sector. At NICE PROPERTIES we are convinced that an efficient research is made thanks to a real human contact which is why our councilors have for mission to meet you, to listen to you and to understand what is your lifestyle and which are your essential criterias which your new house has to answer to. Finally, they have to analyze with you the opportunities of the market, to target at best your research.

Indeed, what is more irritating than to visit a property which doesn’t match at all your desires? What is more destabilizing than to spend time visiting without ever finding anything which really tempts you? Faithful to its commitments and to its quality charter, Nice Properties wishes to propose you a real pact with the client. But what is it about exactly?

  1. Our councilors receive you at the agency and analyze your research, step by step:
    1. Demarcation of your needs - they are your essential criteria, those on whom you will not compromise, for example the surface or the number of rooms.
    2. Definition of your desires - it is the criteria which could make you tip over your choice towards a specific type of property, for example the view, the orientation, the presence or not of a car park.
    3. Estimation of your financial situation, and if necessary and only if you want it, an appointment with one of our financial partners.
    4. Analysis of the steps already made alone or with a colleague: what visits did you make, why didn’t they succeed?
  2. According to this discovery, our advisers select the possessions we have and which correspond to all or any of your criteria. After, they organize the visits according to your availability. In case of failure during this research, your councilor NICE PROPERTIES makes a commitment to hold you regularly informed about the present novelties on the market, by telephone or by e-mail. As for you, you make a commitment to warn your councilor of there are any changes in your research (budget, sector, surface, etc.).

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