New build properties market

Residential Properties

Acquiring an apartment as a primary residence or second home in a new build program offers several benefits such as choice of finishings and customization of your apartment while maximizing your investment profile.



Rental income producers

Investing in a new build program generates several advantages such as tenant loyalty, responsiveness to a level of comfort and optimum safety, as well as expenses and perfectly controlled maintenance costs.



Luxury Properties

Acquiring a new apartment in a luxury residence allows you to access a range of services and luxury finishings, while allowing you to adjust and customize the layout of your apartment with your criteria.



New Villas

Buying a new villa will allow you to fit the profile of your purchase criteria and needs of your family, while you benefit from advantageous conditions.



Managed Residences

Investing in a managed residence combines a guarantee of secure rental income and high rental return in a residence with services that meets specific criteria.



Introductory offers

Investing at the launch of a new build real estate project allows you to benefit from pricing and introductory offers while enjoying the many benefits associated with new build programs.