Nice, Nice Nord

From the center to the hills, one of the largest neighborhoods in Nice

Nice Nord is a vast territorial patchwork that covers various areas such as Borriglione, Gorbella, Valrose, Eve, etc.. Their common denominator is that they are traditionally Nicoiz and mostly inhabited by locals.

Mostly commercial, these areas are well distributed and have quick access to major highways. There is also the market for fruit and vegetables in the Liberation area.

The creation of the tram line, which crosses the northern zone from side to side, is also a big advantage because it can reach the city center in a few minutes. Part of the area has become pedestrian and quiet due to the tram.

From a real estate view, Nice Nord offers a broad range of goods, ranging from Nicois buildings to recently built large luxury residences, and the home town of beautiful mansions in the neighborhoods of l’Eveche, Poetes and Park Chambrun.

The forum Nice Nord is a cultural space that delights residents surrounding Nice. Many activities are offered for both small children(Awakening, storytelling, puppetry, circus, gymnastics, theater, judo) and adults (silk painting, pottery, sewing ...). Concerts and shows are also organized.

To relax and unwind, So'Fit gym, fitness center and wellness offers many activities nearby: pilates, relaxation exercises, gymnastics, perineal, Cuban salsa, Qi Gong or Yoga .

The C.A.L. Gorbella also has two multi-purpose sports halls, a dojo, a gym, a theater, a cultural hall, six tennis courts clay, three hard courts and a restaurant and bar.

Finally, the park Chambrun, located in the residential district of Saint-Maurice, is essential. The secret? It contains the "Temple of Love", an ancient bandstand, a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture. Thus, nothing better than a stroll through this peaceful place and taking shade from the sun.

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