Nice, Nice East

A booming Nicois neighborhood

A booming Nicois neighborhood

Nice East begins at the gates of the Port and going to the edge of the A8 motorway, crossing neighborhoods Riquier, Pastor, Saint-Roch and Saint-Jean d'Angely which has recently developed into a student area with a large university center, a library and a large cultural center of animation.

The eastern side of Nice is full urban renewal: renewal of the Pastor neighborhood, the tramway, expansion and modernization of the Pasteur hospital facility, and the National Reference Centre for Health and Rehabilitation. The port is also undergoing modernization. In the district of Arianne, time is the revival with new residences, a library and a future gymnasium.

It is traditionally inhabited by local and essentially consists of apartment buildings, with a smaller representation of villas, with the exception of the heights of the Corniche Bishoffscheim area. Mostly commercial, lively, neighborhoods of East Nice are booming and are an excellent choice for first-time buyers or rental investment.

The MJC Agora East Nice offers a wide range of activities for children. From sports and bodily expressions (awakening dance, Thai boxing education, hip hop dance, contemporary dance, dance workshop, chess, judo, theater and visual arts), to music (musical awakening, music theory, clarinet choir, guitar, orchestral workshop, flute, piano, violin, cello, accordion, bassoon and saxophone), a vast and varied horizon offering them to participate in their development. Nicois courses, theater, traditional dances and music as well as a library and Nicois CD collection are also available.

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