Cannes, Les îles de Lérins

A scenic Mediterranean archipelago

The Lérins Islands is a must and is full of surprises. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, the French archipelago consists of two main islands : Sainte -Marguerite and Saint -Honorat. Added to this, is the a uninhabited islets : Tradelière and St. Ironwood . Finally, a rock is also included in the archipelago bringing to five the number of Lérins Islands.

In the island of Sainte -Marguerite, the royal fort is a must. You will enjoy exploring the Museum of the Sea with the state prison cell that contains the Iron Mask and the mystery prisoner, murals of John Gac and the archeological underwater and ground equipment. Nothing better than walking in the vast forest of the island where many animal species (Montpellier snake, pheasant, Little Owl, hawk, hedgehog, etc. .) are present and discover the pond Batéguier, the bird sanctuary and the of Roman, Spanish ( royal fort ) and French (ovens installed by Bonaparte ball ) remains . A huge botanical garden with exceptional flora is also interesting to see. It includes cypresses, cedars of Lebanon, palm trees, many fruit trees and thousands of flowers .


The second island, Saint -Honorat , meanwhile, offers leisurely strolls along the sea where the smell of eucalyptus and the song of birds or cicadas enchant hikers. There is also the Abbey of Lérins, a real nursery of monks, where they produce wine : Chardonnay , Clairette , Syrah, Pinot Noir and Mourvèdre .

Both islands offer a unique view of the surrounding mountains and coastline.

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