Cannes, Californie-Pezou

A neighborhood overlooking the bay of Cannes

Set on a hill abundant in pines, eucalyptus and mimosa trees, the Californie - Pezou area overlooks the Bay of Cannes. In the core of this area, the hill of St. Anthony is the real highlight of the city. The area thus has a privileged location.

The most beautiful Cannes villas often having exceptional sea views area found here. This area is more residential with elegant buildings surrounded by many parks. This district is actually committed to the preservation of green spaces.

Here you will also find Villa Alexandra, the first house built on the Californie classified as a historical monument. It has a chapel that can accommodate thirty people and was, at the time, the only Orthodox place of worship.

The St. Michael Archangel Church is, in turn, one of the architectural treasures of the city. Many famous people including the first daughter of King Nicolas of Montenegro are buried in the crypt.

Finally, the area is full of heritage buildings on the beach of Cannes such as Villa Champfleuri, Villa Domergue , Villa Californie, Villa Fiorentina , the castle Thorens and Bagatelle residence.

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